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Wedding Offer


Wedding in fabulous scanian environment on Östarps gästgivaregård

Go ye in wedding ideas? Why not let us arrange your wedding, of course in consultation with you according to your wishes. At the Östarps Inn has family Vollmer arranged weddings since 1946, now in the third generation. We have always put locally produced and high quality in the first place. Add to that an added value that we use organic produce as much as possible and that everything is homemade from start to finish.

Below is a menu suggestion how your wedding party can look like. We have, of course, many more.


Wedding Menu

This proposal applies to companies where at least 40 people


Minicroissant with färskostfylld Olinge ham


1 glass of sparkling wine




Cold smoked gravlax with white asparagus, lukewarm basilikacrème & Sun-dried tomato bread with envelopes

1 glass of white wine



Roasted fillet with Creamed fallow deer season's accessories, Karl-Johansvampsås & glazed white new potatoes


1 glass of red wine with 2 refills




Vaniljglassinbakad raspberry sorbet with raspberry sauce, fresh berries & slivered almonds

1 glass of dessert wine



Coffee & wedding cake with 3 cl avec




Grapes, potato chips, candies & chocolates




2 drinks á 4 cl alternatively 2 beer or 2 glasses wine

as well as free soft drinks & water




Flick including drinks




Price per person including festive table setting with linen table cloths, linneservetter, flowers,local & staff






Does this sound interesting? We have of course many more suggestions for both the small and the big wedding.

If you have any questions, or feel you have to come out and look so call us. We book a time that suits you.



With kind regards


Rick & Deborah Vollmer with staff



Östarps Gästgivaregård
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