Weddings at Östarp

Are you a wedding in fabulous Scanian environment?

Östarps gästgivaregård is located in scenic Culture Östarp the perfect place.


We have arranged weddings since 1924, so you can feel safe in our hands.


In our neighborhood, there are a number of romantsiak churches which we warmly recommend.


Vombs Church which is situated on a hill in the middle of the beautiful Vombs village about 12 minutes from the innkeepers. Which, by the way, krögarparet himself was consecrated in.

Link to the Vombs Church


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Everlövs Church which is located only 5 minutes from gästgivaregården

Link to the Everlövs Church


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Sövde kyrka in Sövde village overlooking Lake Sövde

Link to Sövde kyrka


Are you marriage ceremony at Östarp then there is no skånskare than the garden down on Old farm where many brudpat become marriages over the years.

Link to Old farm


As you can see, there are many options so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


With kind regards


Gunilla & Lennart Vollmer with staff


Time for Christmas Buffé 26/11 until 18/12

New Year's Dinner Takeaway

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