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Gästgivargård - is a farm where travellers owns the right to, for a small payment, recieve a bed, food and lift.

Already in the 13th century, drew the attention of Governments the difficulties associated with to carry out tours through the country. The travellers did not require infrequently food and shelter in lantbefolkningen, and this, in turn, begat oginhet of course among this, which, often with violence, was forced to accommodate "guests". Perhaps these alleged the practice from ancient times, as legitimate road travelers-especially higher officials or soldiers-to take in for the night and enjoy catering-originally without compensation-s k gästning. This degenerated "violent gästning" was banned by law in around 1280, and it was decreed that in each village would be added a so-called rather that against payment would raise food and shelter to travellers.

The provisions were improved and built on by hand, and under King Eric XIV's reign (1560) provides expressly that it along public roads, to the travellers ' convenience, would be set up taverns (INNs), and in 1636-year hospitality order was rights to everyone that-"during the enjoyment of many benefits"-set up gästgiverier in every two miles along the General "stråkväg". Where provided, among other things, that there would be one floor of adel, one for other honest folk, as well as one for "lowercase societies". Provisions on the gästgiverier was discontinued in 1933.

Östarps Guest farm, which the donor is mittstation between Lund and Ystad, belong in the current condition, not to the oldest guest donor farms. Östarps innkeeper manor was built for the opening of the Culture Östarp in 1924. Korsvirkes building has a famous innkeeper farm in Arlöv, between Lund and Malmö. It was called Kalinan after Collinan after ryttaränkan Collin who owned the estate in the 18th century. It was opened on 24 August 1924 by the Duke of Skåne, later King Gustav VI Adolf. Tenant the first fifteen years was an aunt to the infamous Stone Broman. She received a "flying start". During the inauguration in 1924 rolled five year leases only to beer and water sales! During the contingency period served the estate as a military organisation.

On 1 May 1946, was rededicated in Östarps Guest donor yesterday, when current owner family Vollmer-took over it. Guest-donors ' farm, and a few other buildings and related land in its omgivni strings, also the cultural historical value-such as Stubbarnöllan from the 18th century-form friluftsmuséet "Cultural Östarp" which is a branch of culture in Lund.

in 1952 the burnt farm difficult, but gästgivar 'n-Bertil Vollmer-success with guests ' assistance in saving a lot of value to secure, among other things, an old bonad invaluable. Worse, it was a very expensive tennstop that melted down by the heat from the fire and concluded around a ettöring. Tennklumpen with potted copper coin is preserved in the farm's collections. The farm was rebuilt the same year and then were painted in the same way as master from 1924.


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